Small Plates

New England Poutine

Homemade crispy french fries topped with gravy and local Vermont cheese curds.
$ 11


Fresh calamari lightly breaded and fried, served with a southern remoulade.
$ 9

Potato Skins

Potato topped with bacon, spinach, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.
$ 10

Mozzarella Sticks

Breaded mozzarella cheese fried and served with marinara.
$ 9

Chicken Fingers

Fresh hand breaded chicken tenderloins fried and served with your choice of sauce.
$ 9


Tortilla chips with tomato, scallion, cilantro, jalapeno and cheese; broiled and topped with fresh salsa and sour cream. Also available for additional charge: chicken or beef.
$ 11

Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

Fresh mushroom caps filled with crab, shrimp, cream cheese, bread crumbs and spices.
$ 12

Cattails Sampler

Cheese quesadilla, potato skins, mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers.
$ 12

Steak Quesadilla

A grilled flour tortilla filled with sliced steak, cheese, peppers, onions and a creamy Southwestern sauce.
$ 12


Pound of Wings (8)     $ 10

Platter of 25 Wings     $ 25

Wing Sauces



Hot (HOT)

Honey Mustard


Sweet & Spicy

Cattails Dry Rub


Carolina BBQ
Southern Style Mustard BBQ

Chipotle BBQ
Tangy with a Bite

Maple Madness
Local Maple Syrup with a Bite

Trippin Chili-Garlic
Blend of Chilis and Garlic

Creamy with a kick

Sweet & Zesty with Asian Influence

Triple Play
Our three top sauces all put together: Cattails, Dry Rub, Zinger


Shrimp and Spinach

Fresh spinach tossed with local goat cheese, crispy pancetta, tomatoes, onions and grilled shrimp with Vt maple balsamic vinaigrette.
$ 14

Peppercorn Beef

Fresh mixed greens lightly tossed with mushrooms, red onions, ripe tomato and crumbled bleu cheese; topped with grilled peppercorn crusted tenderloin and a warm bacon vinaigrette.
$ 13

Chicken Tortilla

Fresh greens, red peppers, red onions, corn, black beans with seasoned tortilla strips, cheese, salsa, guacamole and grilled chicken. Served with a side of chipotle ranch dressing.
$ 13


Crispy or grilled chicken tossed in your favorite wing sauce, served over lettuce, vegetables, cheese and choice of dressing.
$ 13


Fresh chopped romaine lettuce with homemade croutons, parmesan cheese and a creamy dressing. Also available for additional charge: Chicken, Steak or Shrimp.
$ 10


Soup Du Jour    $  3.75

Clam Chowder    $  4.25

French Onion   $  4.95


Add Soup or Salad $2.50


Onions, peppers and tomatoes sautéed with a lime-coriander butter, served with a Mexican side plate.
$ 12 Chicken
$ 14 Steak
$ 14 Shrimp

Barbaque Ribs

House seasoned and slow cooked pork ribs served with BBQ sauce, fries & coleslaw.
$ 16

Seafood Haddock

Baked haddock filled with crab, shrimp, scallop, cream cheese and spices; topped with a lemon butter sauce. Served with rice and vegetables.
$ 19

Captain’s Platter

A generous plate of fried haddock, shrimp & scallops; served with coleslaw, fries and tartar sauce.
$ 16

Pasta Primavera

Penne or Fettuccini with your choice of alfredo, marinara, basil pesto, white wine & garlic or tomato vodka cream sauce.
$ 14
$ 17 Chicken
$ 18 Shrimp

Mardi Gras Chicken

Louisiana pasta dish with penne, andouille sausage, artichoke hearts, spinach & tomato tossed in a light cream sauce with grilled chicken.
$ 17

Chicken Parmesan

Breaded chicken breast topped with house marinara, Parmesan & mozzarella cheese baked and served with fettuccini pasta.
$ 16

Fisherman’s Pasta

Sautéed shrimp & scallops with pancetta, sun-dried tomatoes, mixed vegetables and crushed red pepper; tossed with penne pasta in a light cream sauce.
$ 18

Bacon-Horseradish Tenderloin

8oz. shoulder tenderloin grilled to your taste, topped with a bacon-horseradish sauce and crispy fried onions with mashed potato.
$ 18

Blackened Delmonico

12oz. hand cut Angus rib eye dusted with cajun and topped with a bleu cheese sauce and fried onion rings with mashed potato.
$ 24

Cowboy Rib Eye

Grilled 12oz Rib Eye rubbed with our signature dry rub and topped with peppers, onions and mushrooms; served with mashed potato.
$ 24

Lighter Fare

Peanut Thai Chicken

Traditional peanut Thai sauce tossed with crispy chicken, julienne vegetables & rice noodles.
$ 12

Hot Hamburg Platter

Grilled 6oz. burger served on toast points with french fries & gravy.
$ 10

Pub Steak

6oz. shoulder tenderloin grilled to your liking; topped with a bleu cheese beef gravy, sautéed mushrooms and Bermuda onios.
$ 13

Shepherd’s Pie

Ground beef, corn and potato casserole topped with cheddar cheese.
$ 10

Hot Prime Rib

Roasted shaved prime rib over toasted white bread and topped with onion beef gravy; served with fries.
$ 12

Hot Turkey

Fresh roasted all white meat turkey over toasted white bread and topped with turkey gravy; served with cranberry sauce and fries.
$ 10

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Our classic buffalo chicken tossed with macaroni and our cheese sauce; topped with bleu cheese.
$ 13

Crispy Fish Tacos Basket

Lightly breaded haddock fried served in two flour tortillas with creamy slaw, cilantro, tomato, jalapeno and a Mexican sauce; served with french fries.
$ 12

Fish & Chips

Your choice of seafood served with homemade fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce.
$ 13 Haddock or Shrimp. $ 15 Scallops
$ 13


All sandwches served with your choice of side

Beef or Chicken Philly

Peppers, onions and american cheese; served in a Italian roll.
$ 11

Crispy Chicken

Southern fried boneless chicken breast with chipotle pepper mayonnaise.
$ 11

Club Sandwich

Choice of roasted turkey or ham, cheddar cheese, BLT and mayo; served with your choice of toasted bread.
$ 10

Soup and Sandwich

Cup of soup with your choice of turkey, ham or BLT.
$ 7.50 Half
$9.50 Whole

Turkey Reuben

Thinly sliced roasted turkey on grilled rye with swiss cheese, coleslaw & 1000 island dressing.
$ 11

Corned Beef Reuben

Corned beef braised with beer; served on rye with swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and sauerkraut.
$ 12


Turkey Bacon Ranch

Whole wheat wrap filled with grilled turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and ranch dressing.
$ 11

Horseradish Prime Rib

Whole wheat wrap with our horseradish-bacon sauce, shaved prime rib, crispy onions, lettuce and cheese.
$ 12

Southwestern Chicken

Chicken, corn, black beans, tomato, onion, lettuce, pepper jack cheese, guacamole and a Southwestern sauce tucked in a flour tortilla wrap.
$ 11

Asian Shrimp

Grilled shrimp glazed with a oriental sauce tucked in a flour tortilla with julienne vegetables, lettuce, cilantro and mayo.
$ 12

Grilled Local Angus Burger
from Nops Brothers Farm in Middlebury Vermont

Ask your server to make it a double for $3


Peppercorn encrusted with smoked bacon and bleu cheese.
$ 13


Horseradish-bacon sauce & crispy onions
$ 12


Buffalo wing sauce and bleu cheese.
$ 12


Sauteed peppers and onions with American cheese.
$ 12


Your choice of cheddar, swiss, american or bleu cheese
$ 11


Bacon, peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheddar.
$ 13


Guacomole, salsa and cheddar cheese
$ 12


BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese & smoked bacon
$ 12


Cajun spiced with jalapeno, cheddar cheese and creole sauce.
$ 12


Bacon and choice of cheese
$ 12


Sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese.
$ 12

The Hangover

Bacon, onions, peppers, cheddar, over easy egg and fried potatoes.
$ 13


Jalapeno, chipotle peppers, pepper jack cheese and hot sauce.
$ 12

We are not accountable for under cooked meats. It is recommended by the USDA to eat meat cooked to medium well to well.
"Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food bourne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions."



Cottage Cheese

Mashed Potato

Sweet Potato Fries for additional $0.75


Potato Chips


Onion Rings for additional $1